Diamond Certificate

Diamond Buying Guide: Diamond Certification Education

When purchasing a loose diamond you should expect to see a copy of its certificate, provided by an independent third party laboratory. A diamond certificate, also called a diamond grading report, a diamond dossier, or a diamond quality document, proves that your diamond has gone through a thorough and unbiased professional examination. A diamond grading report will evaluate a diamond on many different components including:

  • Shape and Cutting Style
  • Measurement: The diamond’s dimensions measured in millimeters.
  • Weight: Weight of the diamond listed to the nearest hundredth of a carat.
  • Depth: Depth (for round diamonds) and/or width (for fancy shapes) relative to the diamond’s diameter.
  • Table: Table facet (for round diamonds) and/or width facet (for fancy shapes) relative to the diamond’s diameter.
  • Girdle: Range of girdle’s thickness.
  • Cutlet: Appearance of cutlet facet.
  • Finish: grades of symmetry and polish.
  • Clarity: Clarity grade determined under 10 x magnification
  • Clarity Plot: A map of the approximate size, type, and position of inclusion as viewed under a microscope.
  • Color: Grade of color.
  • Fluorescence: Color and strength of color when a diamond is viewed under UV light.
  • Comments: Additional comments on the diamond’s characteristics not mentioned in the report.

Diamond Grading Laboratories:

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

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